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Next stop, Denbigh High School – old friends of ours! Hence the VIP treatment and a parking space reserved for us on our arrival! VERY much appreciated!

    VIP treatment at Denbigh High

Over 250 Year 7’s sat for most of the morning listening to me rave on and on about our super-scary stories, and just in time for Halloween. Excellent! As usual, the Denbigh audience sat in nerve-shredding silence, frustration growing as I left them on a string of ‘cliff-hanger’ endings. After a well-received lunch, we were back in our favourite place – the school library. Two workshops passed at lightning speed and I have to say that I particularly enjoyed chatting to seven Year 8 boys about my books and reading in general. They, like everyone else, were a delight to be with. Denbigh High School is always a pleasure to visit and our thanks go to the pupils and staff for giving us the usual high level of hospitality during our stay. A special vote of thanks to Mr Amjad for looking after us so well and ensuring everything passed smoothly. See you all the book-signing on Friday.

Final visit of the week was to Putteridge High School…a school new to us. Around 180 Year 7’s this time…a good few less than the previous two Luton schools; but what they lacked in number they more than made up for in enthusiasm and attentiveness! The atmosphere during the presentation was ‘electric’ to say the least. Lots of  great interaction and stacks of correct answers to our questions resulted in a good number of free bookmarks being awarded to an ever-growing number of fans!

…So another BIG thank you to all at Putteridge High School for providing a fab end to our Luton Week and to Ms Jablonska for being the perfect hostess. We can’t wait to see you all again. We sincerely hope this is the beginning of a long and lasting author-school relationship…but only if you are brave enough!



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You may be wondering why Kath and I spend so much time in Luton. The answer is simple: the schools there are fab and we love working in them.

PS 13. Thank goodness Chiltern Academy doesn’t look like this!

We work with ten Luton/Bedford schools in total now, all members of the growing (and exciting) Chiltern Trust. Our first visit was to a brand new school, Chiltern Academy, only launched back in September of this year. The 200+ year 7’s have the school to themselves at the moment, but not for long. The school will relocate to a new site within a brand new building, ready for its expansion to accommodate somewhere around 1200 pupils. Brilliant! And we are looking forward to being a part of its development.

Back to the present time, on Monday we were more than happy to enthuse and entertain the Year 7’s with three books absolutely ideal for ‘Halloween Week’: Scabbajack, Ten O’ Clock Caller and PS 13. Presenting the books over the best part of 2hours was an absolute delight and everyone had a great and spooky time. Two workshops in the afternoon were just as enjoyable…lots of avid readers (and writers!) hanging on every creepy word.

Ms Lane looked after our every need (as per usual) and ensured the day passed VERY smoothly. Thanks to all at Chiltern Academy for giving us such a great Halloween start. See you all at the book-signing on Friday. If you think Halloween will be over by then, you are very much mistaken. For me and my fans, Halloween is an all-year-around event!!



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Days 3 and 4 of our NE visit were spent in Gosforth Central and Gosforth East middle schools respectively. These are two of our favourite schools and with good reason – there are so many pupils and they are all fans of our books!

Gosforth Central gave us around 250 Year 5’s and 6’s to make up our KS2 audience. Gosforth East (GEMS) gave us around the same. Both audiences were an absolute delight to work with. We got through all of our six Mokee Joe books with ease, climaxing on the final narrative set in Dubai. It turned out that many of our audience had already visited Dubai and were well-familiar with the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalif), the world’s biggest aquarium and the amazing dancing fountains, to name but just a few of the action-packed settings used in the narrative. Brilliant!  A BIG thank you to the staff of both schools and to Sarah, the librarian at Gosforth Central, for looking after us so well. And, of course, to all of the pupils who are now ‘devouring’ the books in the Mokee Joe series. I know that at present you are still at school whilst we are on half-term down here in the south, but have a lovely half-term next week…and then you can smile and think of us being back at work!

Great writing, Isla!

A final mention of a lovely moment when Isla presented me with the start of her new story, ‘The Mysteries of the Mongol’ complete with a stunning illustration on the cover. What was very touching was that Isla informed me that my visit and presentation had inspired her to pick up her pen and write. Well, Isla…I’ve now read it and enjoyed the first few chapters very much. Your imagination is  as strong as mine (well, almost anyway!). I look forward to reading the rest of your novel during my next visit.  In the meantime…keep on writing…


*Apologies to anyone who has contacted my website recently and not received a reply. It turns out that there is a malfunction on the site and this is being rectified as I type this message (Wed 24th October). So please get in touch again if you wish and I’ll get right back to you.



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Our week up in the North East has got off with a ‘BANG’ to say the least! There’s no shortage of avid readers up in this area and it’s pleasing to report that most of them are reading (or have read) our books!

Mokee Joe fans from Belsay School

First stop on Monday morning was Ponteland. Our host, Mr Harvey (Belsay School), had organised a get-together of Year 6’s from six primary schools local to the area to assemble at Richard Coates Primary to see my presentation. The schools were all fabulous to work with and I feel I must mention them by name – Ponteland, Whalton C of E, Belsay, Heddon, Stamfordham and ,of course, Richard Coates. The presentation was fast and furious, but at least it seemed to engage the 300+ audience as I covered the entire series of Mokee Joe books produced over the last 14 years. A HUGE ‘thank you’ to Mr Harvey and all of the staff from each of the schools for taking the trouble to bring our audience to us…we hope you got as much out of it as we did. We really hope to visit you again in the not-too-distant future.

DAY 2 – Highfield Middle School.  We have visited this school a good

            The Amazing Highfield Librarians

number of times throughout my author career…and not without reason. The teachers have always pulled together to create a fantastic reading culture in this BIG school community. Once again Kath and I were received like ‘old friends’ and shown the utmost friendliness by the youngest Year 5 to the eldest of the Year 8s. We love working at this school! Mr Bell and his team of keen librarians set about arranging the hall in readiness to accommodate all 400+ pupils. They did a sterling job and I began my presentation in front of a brilliant audience where everyone could see and hear exactly what was going on and join in at every opportunity. One and half hours passed VERY quickly to say the least! The staff and pupils were so appreciative I felt I could have gone on forever!

Tomorrow, we return to officially open the school library and sign books for our willing fans…it could be a very interesting experience and I just wonder if the record for the number of Mokee Joe books signed in one afternoon might well be broken??

   Phoebe with her fab ‘Molly’ hairstyle

Well…I think the record WAS just about broken! I think my signing hand was broken too by the end of it! The signing went on forever and everyone was just ‘buzzing’ about books and artwork and all things to with literacy. Brilliant! We even signed a book for Phoebe who had overnight adjusted her hair to Molly’s new hairstyle (Molly is the girl hero in the Mokee Joe books) and it seems that ‘space-buns’ are fast becoming really trendy.

A ‘HUGE’ thank you to Mr Bell for all his hard work, and to the staff and pupils for ensuring our visit was such a memorable one.  We will be back…and the sooner the better!



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Wow! What an amazing couple of days in Luton! OK…so Luton may not be the most attractive location in the UK, but the schools are nothing short of brilliant to work in. Challney High School for Girls proved no exception.

Great logo!

We were immediately impressed by the school and its campus – very attractive – and drawn to the logo decorating the wall outside the school reception (see pic). After working in this school all day Thursday and spending much of Friday signing books, Kath and I decided the ‘C’ in the logo should be replaced with an ‘R’. Never have we been treated with such ‘RESPECT’ as shown by the Challney Girls. We worked with just over 200 Year 7’s, but the elder pupils were just as keen to meet and chat with us, remembering us from our visits to their primary schools in the not-too-distant past.

A very big presentation on Thursday morning followed by two workshops may well have proved exhausting, but incredibly worthwhile as our keen followers hung on every word and joined in at every opportunity.

To finish off our great visit, on returning home we discovered a ‘little note’ had been slipped into one of  our bags. I reproduce the message below:

‘Hi Pete

I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me. The first time I read your book (Bonebreaker) I wanted to be an author. I attempted to write a book where all your evil characters and the good characters in your book go into a haunted maze. Other people go into the maze and think it’s just a Halloween stunt…but it’s not…and the good characters have to save everyone! Anyway, thanks for inspiring me again.

Best wishes from your biggest fan!

I suspect my ‘biggest fan’ is a bit on the shy side as she didn’t sign off to say who she was. But if you’re reading this, then an even bigger ‘THANK YOU’ from me. It’s little messages like this that keep authors like me inspired to carry on writing!

…So thank you, Ms Anonymous, thank you Challney girls and thank you Challney staff…you did us proud. We will be back!




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Kath and I have visited this school a good few times during my author career, but nothing could have prepared us for the fantastic response we got during our recent visit. Our lovely librarian friend, Ms Mumford, accepted our offer to introduce the final instalment in the Mokee Joe series – Mokee Joe: Scourge of the Emirates – set in the glamorous location of Dubai.

Come the day of the visit, I felt a little bit nervous of only having just over an hour for my presentation, which normally lasts for just under two hours! The big audience of Years 4,5 and 6 sat before me in stiff silence as I launched into a ‘potted’ coverage of  how I became an author followed by speedy snippets of the first five books. By the time I reached the intro of the final book, the audience were totally relaxed, rocking with laughter at my non-stop jokes and funny anecdotes, but at the same time gripped with descriptions of the ensuing battles between the hero, Hudson Brown, and his terrifying enemy, Mokee Joe.

It was a fabulous hour of fun and it passed only too quickly! Once again, the Francis Baily audience did themselves proud…totally engaged, interactive when required, and to use the old cliché – ‘you couldn’t hear a pin drop’ during my readings.

The calm before the storm in the school library!

All very well, but how would the book signing go the next day? Ms Mumford kindly allowed us to use her  fabulously cosy library, and she and Kath set up the signing area with lots of Mokee Joe books for the pupils to browse over.

…What followed had to be seen to be believed! So many boys and girls eager to get their hands on the books and ‘devour’ them at the earliest opportunity! The excitement as they looked over the books, ran their hands over the richly-embossed covers, and enjoyed the smell of the newly printed pages… Who says that children are not excited by books anymore!

The signing went on for the whole of the afternoon and we still hadn’t finished by the close of school. In fact we returned the next day to finish off with a Year 5 class who unselfishly volunteered to curtail their excitement for a further 24 hours.

All in all a wonderful experience and the reason I am so keen to keep on writing and working with such an enthusiastic and enjoyable age group. The children at Francis Bailey proved great friends, polite and helpful without exception. Thank you to them (and the staff) for everything.

We will be back!!


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I can’t remember starting a new academic year with such an amazing week as last week. Three ‘cracking’ schools in my native South Yorkshire – Dronfield Stonelow Juniors, Thurcroft Junior Academy and Kiveton Park Meadows Juniors provided the perfect start-back after the long hot summer holidays.

Pete with Mitchell – a life-long fan, at Kiveton Park Meadows.

I have visited each of these schools a good few times during my author career and have many fans spread over several generations within these lovely school communities. As one of the young teachers said to me at Kiveton Park Meadows, ‘I’ve grown up with your Mokee Joe books and can’t believe you’re here today to present the final book in the series.’ (Mokee Joe: Scourge of the Emirates). Needless to say I signed a book for ‘young Mitchell’ the very next day!

I want to congratulate the head teachers and staff on the warm ambient nature of each of their schools as well as managing to create a fabulous reading culture throughout every year group. Will we ever forget the length of those queues of children desperate to get their hands on our books and ‘devour’ them at their earliest opportunity!

As one of the teachers said to us. ‘I can’t believe how many children are already sitting in the playground, shivering in the cold, but totally absorbed in their reading.’  I quickly pointed out to her that they may well have been shivering with fright rather than cold!

Thanks again to everyone for making us so welcome…enjoy your books and have a great run-up to Christmas…but don’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner!



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Kath and I have just finished off the academic year with one of our best author visits, ever!

We last visited Jersey two years ago at the invitation of Le Rocquier School in conjunction with the Jersey Library Service. Such was the success of the trip, we were invited back and had no hesitation in accepting. But this time our son, Simon, was also invited to work with the younger pupils on the island with his extremely popular Icky Doo Dah books.

Day 1. Whilst Simon headed off to primary schools, Kath and I started our week at Les Quennevais Library, meeting up with our friend and Head Librarian, Cathy Bithell. The library is shared between being the school library and the branch library, so it made sense to bring in a large group of Year 7’s from Le Quennevais School, followed by a similar-size group of Year 6’s from the nearby Mont Nicolle feeder school. Well…both groups were an absolute delight to present our two chosen books, Bonebreaker and Dawn Demons. We even managed to find enough floor space to act some particularly scary bits from the books with the help of the more-than-enthusiastic students!

Day 2 found us back with another very good friend and librarian, Moi Mabbs, at Le Rocquier. This time we performed our usual BIG stage presentation to all of Year 7, followed by a lovely short-story workshop with a smaller group of Year 7’s in the afternoon. Again, Bonebreaker and Dawn Demons were our chosen books and again, they went down a storm. A special ‘thank you’ to Ross on this occasion for being a great help as our sound technician (and a great Viking fan in addition!)

Day 3 was the day of the ‘Jersey Sing’ and many schools on the island were far too busy to engage with author visits. However, one of the smallest schools we’ve ever visited – St Christopher’s – were still able to accommodate us and we spent a fun-filled morning with all of the 14 KS2 pupils. The little classroom became a theatre as the two younger Year 3 boys along with slightly older girls took to the ‘stage’ and brought my Bonebreaker story to life.  At the end of the session we travelled back over to Le Rocquier to proceed with a VERY big book-signing for the eager Year 7’s we’d entertained the day before.

…And then it was onto the beach to meet up with Simon for a swim and a sunbathe. In fact, this became our routine as the week progressed…presentation in the morning, book-signing early afternoon followed by a welcome relax on the beach. In the glorious weather the beaches had a real Mediterranean feel…brilliant!

Day 4 found us back at Les Quennevais library to meet up with two groups from nearby St Peter’s Primary – Year 5’s and Year 6’s.  Both groups were an absolute delight to work with and by the end of each session the 25-30 pupils were ‘buzzing’  and desperate to read our books.

Day 5 proved to be the busiest day of all! A big presentation back at Le Rocquier to five of their feeder schools (Year6’s), a workshop with a group of Year 8’s, a book-signing back at St Christopher’s (apart from one girl who found our books too scary all of the pupils acquired both books!) and finally back up to St Peter’s Primary where around 60 Year 5’s and 6’s were frantically waiting for us! PHEW! A manic, but extremely fulfilling day.

No time for beaches on our final day! Simon packed and left on the evening ferry and Kath and I collapsed, watched TV and packed for our departure the following morning.

As I said earlier, this was one of the best ‘author tours’ we’ve ever had…we’re already planning a return trip next summer to present our Mokee Joe series. We can’t wait. BIG thanks to all staff and pupils on Jersey for making the Murrays so welcome. And special thanks to Moi and Cathy for all their work and support.

We love you all…



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Kath and I were fortunate enough to be invited to  Linsdale Middle School in Leighton Buzzard.

The school is big and has over 600 pupils in Years 5 to 8. Hence, we decided to work over two days, the first day with Years 7 and 8 and the second day with Years 5 and 6. Some authors would say that to enthuse the older pupils in the summer term would be a challenge…especially the Years 8’s in their final year of middle school. But, as already ‘tweeted’ in my latest ‘tweet’…NO WAY! Both audiences proved exceptionally easy to perform to…fully attentive, interactive and hanging on every spooky word!

                  Great Library Display!

The Year 7’s and 8’s were entertained with my dramatic Bonebreaker presentation and some of the pupils provided excellent acting skills as they joined me on stage. Will we ever forget the six-feet tall Dunston, doing his best to help out his much-shorter Saxon hero-friend, Wilfrid!  Comedy entertainment at its best to say the least!

The Year 5’s and 6’s were just as entertaining and seemed fully-engaged in the full-blown Mokee Joe presentation…climaxing with the final MJ book set in Dubai.

Both audiences provided a select group of pupils for our afternoon workshop based on our Ten O’ Clock Caller short story collection, and again, brilliant fun with brilliantly-attentive pupils!

The two days passed only too quickly, but the most exciting event was still to come in the form of a book-

          Kath can’t bear to look!

signing-for-all during our final day. Over my entire author career of around 15 years, I can’t remember signing so many books in one morning (around 3 hours). I think it’s safe to say that records were broken…as seemed my signing hand at the end (repetitive strain injury!). Again, during the signing, our entire crowd of enthusiasts were polite, well-mannered and more than friendly in their conversation and relentless questioning.

WOW! Thank you Linslade for being so amazing and renewing my confidence to go on and write more scary books and to make more school visits. You reminded Kath and I why we love our job so much and why we feel so privileged to visit schools like yours. A BIG ‘thank you to Mrs Lewin, Kelly the lovely librarian, and all of the staff for making us so welcome…and that includes Matt the IT expert, the reception staff and the caretakers.




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The 21st Anniversary of the Stockton Children’s Book Award finally arrived.

Along with 14 other authors, Kath and I headed for the Stockton Library special weekend celebrations. The library were very generous and put us up in a nearby hotel and sent a taxi to collect us to take us to the library on Sunday morning along with 7 fellow authors. The other 7 invited authors had spent the previous day (Saturday) with their fans…now it was our turn!

Outside brilliant Stockton Library

Scabbajack was the reason for my invite. It won the award back in 2012 and it was pleasing to find out that it’s still a popular read in the Stockton schools today…despite it being very scary! Well, we had a fabulous day! As usual, Lucy Carlton-Walker had organised everything with super efficiency and our two presentations, with lunch in between, and subsequent book signings, all passed smoothly and without a hitch. Thank you so much, Lucy, and to all of the library staff for making our day so enjoyable. We loved every minute of it.

The next morning found us at Tilery Primary School. We have a long-standing relationship with this lovely school and it was great to find out that they are still HUGE fans of our books. We performed our full-blown Mokee Joe presentation to a fab KS2 audience. I could have talked to them forever…and I think they would have sat there forever if we’d given them the chance! Tomorrow, our son, Simon, arrives and he is going to entertain and enthuse the KS1 pupils with his Icky Doo Dah books. Thank you Tilery Primary for inviting us back…we love visiting your school and will continue to do so as long as you keep on reading our books!

Next visit was to our old friends at Conyers School.  Five Year 10 boys greeted us, helped us set up in the auditorium and even managed to acquire a cup of tea for the both of us. Amazing!

A big audience of Year 7’s (232) sat extremely attentively (very polite!) as I talked on about the reason why I was in Stockton in the first place – Scabbajack – followed by a dramatic presentation of the sequel – Kruschmeister. The performance was well-received and I thought the audience did me proud in sitting on their hard seats for an hour and a half! Phew!

The following day we arrived back at Conyers in the midst a ferocious hail storm, made our way to the library and managed to sign books for a long queue of fans, chat to the lovely librarians and somehow eat our lunch at the same time. Exhausting but brilliant!  BIG ‘thank you’ to Ms Dawson for being a superb hostess (as usual), and to her fab team of librarians for looking after us so well. We will be back!

Final visit of the Stockton tour was to St John the Baptist Primary in nearby Billingham. Unfortunately it turned out that the Year 4’s were out swimming and the Year 6’s were heavily involved in SATS preparation, so our audience was restricted to Years 3 and 5. But didn’t they make up for it!  All of the children were brilliant and a pleasure to perform to. The Mokee Joe presentation went  down a storm and we couldn’t get over how many of them were waiting the next day to get their hands on the books. It seemed Simon had also made an impact working with KS1 on his Icky Doo Dah books and hence the school was more than pleased with our visit.

Good food with good friends!

We finished off the tour with a visit to the Cenna Restaurant in Yarm to link up with a good friend of ours, Peter Huggins, alias  ‘Peter Popps’ to those who know him in the area. Peter has followed us over the years since we visited his daughters’ school, Yarm Primary. His eldest daughter, Sophie, is now preparing for university, but is currently helping out in the restaurant and she actually served Kath and I with our meal. Brilliant! The meal, by the way, was excellent, and Kath will tell you that the dessert was to ‘die for’!

Oh well, back to base for a well-earned rest. Just hope the snow and ice keep away so I can get some fishing in! Thanks to everyone who met up with us in the Stockton area…it was a real pleasure, as always!


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