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As if the poor people of the Isle of Wight haven’t got enough to put up with, what with stormy weather and high winds, now they have to put up with my infamous Mokee Joe creature causing increasing havoc in schools across the island!

Broadlea Primary showed why they are such avid readers in the way they queued around the school hall after my second presentation to upper KS2 to get their signed copies of books.

Amelia; Christ the Kings College

It was then onto some of the islands older pupils at Christ the King College in Newport. Two groups of approximately 80 year 7’s filed into the theatre to share the full story of how I became an author, leading onto the stories behind all the six books of the series. They really embraced the experience and it was a pleasure to speak to them all. The college is a great place with a fab library and the staff were just brilliant.  The subsequent book signing was organised with nothing short of military precision by Mrs Lambert, Adele and Donna. Some of the girls sported Molly’s new hairstyle from the final book in the Mokee Joe series. Amelia, shown here, looked great…her space buns not quite visible in the picture. A BIG thank you to all for making us so welcome.

The idea behind this IOW tour was to establish contact in as many local schools as possible and to use our newly-acquired Rookley Park base as a means of working with pupils as much as possible. Well I’m pleased to report that our project seems to have taken off faster than I could have hoped for! Word is spreading rapidly and more and more island schools are coming on board. Fantastic. Bring it on! We love being on the Isle of Wight and can’t get enough of the place. As I said in an earlier blog, it’s bursting with myth legend and spooky stories, enough to keep an author like me busy for life. And I really want to share this passion with as many ‘wannabee’ young writers as possible.

Final two schools of our first wave of visits was to St Helen’s Primary and Queensgate Primary over in Cowes.  St Helens is a small school and provided our smallest audience of the tour with just 42 KS2 pupils. This was a stroke of luck for us really, as our book supplies were dwindling fast. And with Queensgate about to give us our biggest KS2 audience of 230 pupils we hoped we might just have enough books!

Well, St Helens may have had the smallest audience, but one of their smallest pupils, Liam, turned out to be the fastest by far! Mokee Joe chased him twice around the school hall, but failed miserably to catch him. Well done, Neil! The book signing the next day was small, but it was lovely to meet some new fans eager to digest their books during half term.

Onto Queensgate the following day – our last visit of the tour. They say to save the best until last…WOW! I also say that ‘the bigger the audience, the bigger the ‘buzz”…and this certainly proved to be the case!

At Queensgate with the lovely Maya…love the hairstyle!

The staff and pupils filled the hall (the first time for us since pre-Covid days) and it really was back to ‘normality’ and euphoria in every respect! WE LOVED IT AT QUEENSGATE…and were so excited about the book signing arranged for the following morning on the last day before half-term. So many pupils would be reading our books during the holiday….we thought!  But Storm Eunice had other ideas! Well…we all know the rest! Total disruption and closed schools and a book signing that never happened!

But don’t worry, Queensgate, we will get those books to your fabulous KS2 pupils by hook or by crook! A MASSIVE thanks to Mrs Hunter and all of the other staff and pupils for giving us the best ending ever to our IOW tour…such a shame the weather had to spoil things!

We wish a lovely half term to ALL of our fans on the Isle of Wight. We will be back after the Easter break to visit more schools and create a more pleasant type of chaos with the infamous Mokee Joe following close behind us.




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