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Hi Everyone!

Did you have a good Christmas…and hopefully virus free??

Well, it’s good to be back with you again. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL…from me and Kath. We sincerely hope the Covid situation will ease (as it was doing before Christmas!!) and that we will be back with you before too long. I can’t tell you how much we miss being with you in your lovely schools!

Since my last blog after arriving on the Isle of Wight, we returned to Bembridge Primary School and had an amazing book signing. Just about everyone in the school went crazy to get signed copies of the books. Wow! Such big fans at this lovely school. We will be returning very soon to cover books 4 to 6 of the Mokee Joe series and look forward to being back with our good friend Mrs Chambers (Head teacher), and hopefully, once again, to ‘wow’ our KS2 audience!

Currently, we’re back in our Northern base in South Yorkshire, visiting schools in and around Rotherham/Chesterfield. This morning I did a ‘remote’ presentation in the school hall at Roughwood Primary School. I wasn’t sure how well it would work. You can imagine standing in an empty hall in front of a giant TV screen and talking to it is to say the leastĀ  a ‘strange’ experience! The head teacher, Mr Williams, and the ‘techno expert’ , Callum, were fantastic in helping me set up and it all worked a treat. After the Mokee Joe presentation I went round each of the six KS2 classes to meet them face to face and to challenge them to answer a few questions based on the presentation. I couldn’t believe just how much info they’d all absorbed and remembered! Well done to all of them!

Tomorrow I’m presenting my Scabbajack book to the pupils of Mary Swanwick Primary in Chesterfield, before returning to Roughwood Primary to do a book signing (not virtual!!) I can’t wait to see them all again…they are lovely pupils and most of them live on the same housing estate I was brought up on…Kimberworth Park. How special isĀ  that!

Keep watching this space. I’m going to update with more info an pics as they come in. See you soon.


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