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Hi to all our fans! Yes…we’re still here, itching to get back into doing what we like best – getting into schools and exciting pupils re literacy, our books, and of course…all things spooky!¬† And dare we say that September may be the restart that we’ve been so long hoping for!

A good few schools have already booked for long-overdue visits, including our fave schools on the Isle of Man, schools in Northumberland, and more recently the Delta Academy Trust schools for which I’m still proud to be their Patron of Reading.

Spooky tree in spooky spot on the Isle of Wight

We’ve used much of the lockdown period to buy and upgrade a new house in Yorkshire, but also, more recently, to seek out a second home on the Isle of Wight. Keen fans will know that we’ve always felt a strong connection with the island; over the years I’ve been inspired by its historical atmosphere and spooky nooks and crannies to come up with some great ideas for my writing. Kath and I love it there, and we intend to spend much more time on the island…so watch this space!

I’m very pleased to say that our grandchildren, Will and Liz, have finally

Kath with Lizzie (our new Mokee Joe fan!)

reached an age where they are no longer too scared to read my books! Liz is 11 years old and has just ended her time at primary school. She is well into my Mokee Joe books  Рcurrently on book 4 and loving it. Will is 7 years old and prefers to quiz me about what happens in my books rather than taking time to read them! He is obsessed with the Moonwailer book and got very upset when I put on a really scary werewolf mask and chased him around the garden Рha ha!


Oh well…I’ll close for now. The phone’s just rang and another school has booked for next term. West Melton Primary in my hometown. Can’t wait! Enjoy the rest of the term and we’ll hope to see you soon. Keep on reading…and writing too if you’re in the mood for it.


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