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Lots of Delta ‘Lockdown’ entries!

As some of you know, I’m lucky enough to be Patron of Reading for the Delta Academy Trust. I love working with the schools in the trust and already have lovely memories of my visits over the last few years. And so it was great to be asked by Fiona Marks – the trust’s Director of Primary Reading – if I could come up with an exciting challenge for the pupils on World Book Day.

Most of the Delta pupils know of my  series of books in which the hero, Hudson Brown, is constantly being chased and terrified by his horrendous enemy, Mokee Joe…

…So how about a lockdown situation in which Hudson can’t leave his house and must prepare himself for a Mokee Joe attack in the darkened hours at the end of World Book Day?

Well…the idea certainly provoked some wonderful ideas as many competition entrants fired up their imaginations and went into ‘Home

Watch out Hudson! I’m coming to get you!

Alone’ mode. Hudson wasn’t even able to have his two amazing friends, Molly and Ash, alongside (it was lockdown, remember), but he was allowed to keep in contact with them by phone.

It was so much fun for me to read through the competition entries, already judged by their respective schools and on a shortlist. In one boy’s story, he went so far to label Mokee Joe as  ‘THE GERMINATOR’ and Hudson defending himself with an antiseptic spray! Brilliant!

All of the entries on my shortlist were a joy to read, but I finally managed to come up with winners from each year group, and in some cases two entries tying for first place. The winners were:

KS1  Bobby from Macaulay Primary


Year 3 Layla from England Lane Primary and Chloe from Montagu Primary

Year 4 Sam from Willows Academy and a collective prize for the Year 4 bubble from Craven Primary

Year 5 Uswa from Southmere Primary

Year 6 Elijah from Serlby Park Academy and Archie from Hatfield Woodhouse.

WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU…you each win a signed copy of the Mokee Joe book of your choice, from books 1 to 6.

And WELL DONE to the runners up…we will try to get a consolation Peter J Murray bookmark to you.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m really hoping to be back in your schools from next September. Kath and I have had our jabs…OUCH! (not really…we didn’t feel a thing!!)

Take good care and keep on reading and writing.


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