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If there’s one good thing about this lockdown period, it’s that it’s a good time for authors to write and a good time for readers to read! Hence, I’m enjoying writing this blog entry and I hope when I’ve finished, some of you will enjoy reading it.

         Keeping fit during lockdown.

Like most people out there, my wife, Kath, and I are ‘holed-up’ in our house, but we do escape twice a week to do our shopping and I’ve been going ‘crazy’ with keeping fit and making sure that every day I take some form of exercise – running, cycling and lots of stretching for example. Just prior to the lockdown we moved into a new house and so we’ve also been able to keep busy getting things sorted out and finishing off the unpacking etc.

It won’t surprise you know that I’ve been doing lots of writing. I’ve written two short stories for grown-ups and NOT scary stories for a change!  And I’ve also written a fishing story and sent it off to the Angler’s Mail – a magazine I’ve been reading for years.  As many of my fans know, fishing is one of my favourite pastimes. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to fish at the moment, but as soon as things get back to normal I’ll be heading off to the bankside and raring to go.

…And I’ll hopefully be heading off to your schools as soon as possible to get back amongst our many fans. Kath and I have really missed you and can’t wait to entertain you again with our spooky stories. I hope lots of you have managed to take advantage of my free Kruschmeister download on my website homepage. It’s the least I can do to help keep you busy. It was also pleasing to be asked to launch a ‘Lockdown Challenge’ in the Delta Academy Trust Schools and I can’t wait to hear how pupils are getting on with it. Isn’t it great that so many people are willing to put themselves out to help in any way they can during the present crisis! They say that GOOD THINGS always show themselves when BAD THINGS happen around us and it’s so very true.

Here’s a good thing that just happened to me a few days ago and it really cheered me up! It was a totally unexpected e-mail from a student in the US. Here’s what they had to say:

I don’t know if you will read this yourself Mr. Murray, but I just wanted to say thank you. I am a 2nd year college student and your books have always been a favorite of mine. You visited my school when I was in elementary school and it was P.S. 154 in Harlem, New York and I had no idea how your books would affect me. Once I left elementary school, I no longer had access to your books which were in the library so I was upset. One thing I never did was forget how much impact you and your books had on me. I remember coming home with Mokee Joe 1, 2, & 3 and reading them and engulfing into the adventure of those books. I also read Moonwailer, Scabbajack, Dawn Demons, and Bonebreaker. I am rambling at this point, but your books made me love reading and I just wanted to thank you, I knew you came out with more books, but I never had the chance to purchase them. I am now a lot older and able to purchase them and will be doing so real soon. Thank you once again and can’t wait to read everything new.

Well how about that for an e-mail! Memories came flooding back of our times in New York. Great times and great students!

That’s all for now. I’ll be updating my blog again very soon so keep an eye on things. In the meantime, stay safe and stay busy. It won’t be long now before we’re all back together.


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