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Three very different schools with one thing in common – they were all a pleasure to visit.

First stop was a Delta Academy School –  Kingston Park Academy. This was our first visit so we presented our Mokee Joe series to around 120 KS2 pupils.  It was great fun chasing a ‘victim’ around the school hall again. All of the children seemed thrilled to hear about the Mokee Joe story and the following day we signed lots of books for our new fans.

Next stop was a high school in Chesterfield – Whittington Green.  Totally different to the previous school audience; around 100 Year 7 pupils, so we decided to present two of our most scary books, Scabbajack and Dawn Demons. At first, the audience seemed quiet and reserved, but within a very short time they were all totally hooked!  I thoroughly enjoyed entertaining and enthusing them and by the end of the presentation I felt I could have gone on with them forever! The next day we signed loads of books for a very enthusiastic new set of fans. Brilliant!

Final school of the week – Wakefield Girls High School Juniors. Wow! What an experience.  It’s almost 8 years since we visited this lovely school, but none of the staff who we’d met all those years ago had forgotten us.  Around 180 KS2 girls made up our VERY enthusiastic audience. To say they were brilliant would be an understatement. As Craig would have said in Strictly Come Dancing – A-Maze-Ing!  They couldn’t get enough of the Mokee Joe story and by the end of the morning they were desperate to get their hands on the books. Despite the extreme weather and flood chaos all around us, we somehow managed to have a smooth journey back to the school the following day for our book-signing. We knew it would be a big one, but nothing prepared us for how many of our new fans were keen to get the full set of books. My hand was dropping off after almost four hours of continuous signing…but no one is complaining. We are all about inspiring reading and a success like this makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you to all the lovely girls and to the wonderfully welcoming staff who looked after us. We can’t wait to be back…and it won’t be 8 years this time!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and keep in touch.



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Kath and I visited two of our favourite schools in Luton, Denbigh High School and Chiltern Academy. These are part of  the Chiltern Learning Trust,  a trust which continues to grow and provide us with an increasing number of delightful schools to work with.

      A very cute Poppy Warrior!

On this occasion we spent the best part of four days working in Denbigh and Chiltern Academies, presenting our new book – POPPY WARRIOR – and carrying out extensive workshops with Years 7 and 8. As usual, the days were very well organised and the staff and pupils gave us a great welcome. Both schools provided us with some superb writing from their aspiring writers and I finished up reading and making comments on around 50 pieces of work – PHEW! – it was like being a teacher again!  One or two budding artists also provided us with some inspired artwork as shown in this blog. It was a real treat to work to work in a brand new school. Chiltern Academy has just moved to its new site and everything is gleaming…how long will it last??  They even have a brand new mascot – a fab dog called Flynn (Don’t know whether I’ve spelt it right). Hope you like the pic.

   Pete with Ms Lane and Flynn.

A huge thank you to Mr Amjad and Ms Lane for being the perfect host and hostess

Big fans from Chiltern Academy

during our visits. We sincerely hope all of the pupils have enjoyed the Poppy Warrior after we signed so many books. It is of course a very significant time to dwell on a WW1 story as I write this blog on Sunday 10th November! I hope my new book will add to the tributes towards those wonderful heroes who gave their lives for us!


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