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After a short break and celebrating our granddaughter’s 7th birthday, we set off late on a Sunday afternoon for the dreaded M25 to make our way up to Luton. The journey was well worth it!

Dallow Primary School was our first port of call the next day, just minutes from our lovely hotel accommodation which was slap bang in the centre of Luton. Arriving at the school we were a little disappointed to find out we were only working with one year group, but the large contingent of Year 4’s proved a great and enthusiastic audience for our Mokee Joe presentation. In the afternoon we enjoyed further work with the Year 4 classes in 3 lively workshops talking about ‘settings’, and in my case, of course, ‘spooky settings’! We enjoyed our day very much at Dallow Primary School and thanks to Mrs G-B and all the other staff for making us so welcome.

The following day was spent at Denbigh High School – a new school to us, though we have met many of the pupils before from their feeder primary schools. We entertained the Year 7’s with a 2-hour presentation during which they proved one of the best audiences ever! Fabulous! After providing us with a lovely lunch, we carried out two afternoon workshops, one with around 20 boys from Year 7 and 8 – again, fabulous!This was followed by a second workshop with a large group of high-ability Year 7 writers joined by a smaller group of Year 6’s from nearby Beech Hill Primary – a school that is very dear to us! The workshop was a great success and by the end of it these talented writers were producing work of a standard that had me distinctly worried (future competition)!

During our entire day at Denbigh High, the pupils were VERY respectful and more than polite to us. They were all a joy to work with. The staff were also delightful to be among. Thank you so much Ms Lane and everyone at Denbigh High for looking after us so well. We look forward to working again with you again in the future…I have the feeling that this was the first of many visits!

Next week we are back in Luton again for the whole week…maybe we should buy a flat there! There’s certainly lots of great schools in the area.


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