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Whetley Academy mosaic

Our week at Whetley Academy in Bradford was brilliant! We received a fabulous welcome and everyone seemed to remember us from our visit during a snowy week in January last year.

This visit focussed on Bonebreaker, Moonwailer and Scabbajack, with lots of references to our short story collection, Ten O’ Clock Caller, during our many workshops working with Years 5 and 6. All of the pupils, without exception, were attentive and extremely enthusiastic throughout the week. The staff treated us like ‘old’ friends and couldn’t do enough for us.

At the end of each day we retreated back to our amazing accommodation at Bents Mill,  deep within a valley somewhere out on

View from our 'retreat' window

the wild moors of West Yorkshire. You can see the view from our apartment window…lots of water – and lots of fishing! Unfortunately, the weather was so cold that the surrounding beck and mill pools just about froze over and I feel sure the fish had gone into a state of hibernation. I tried fishing a couple of times, but the only bite I got was from Jack Frost!

Our Whetley Week passed all too quickly and before we knew it we had signed all our books (see pic) and were heading back to South Yorkshire to prepare for World Book Week and the launch of our new book – KRUSCHMEISTER.

All signed up for eager pupils!

A MASSIVE ‘thank you’ to Mrs Gavin, Miss Stansfield and everyone at Whetley Academy for giving us such a good time. Kath and I are proud to be invited each year to work in this happy school that values literacy so highly. Their philosophy is exactly the same as ours…. to get everyone reading and to get new and exciting books into their eager hands!Brilliant! See you all again soon.


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