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A rought draft by the artist for the new Kruschmeister book

The new book, Kruschmeister, is finished and soon to be on its way to publication. To make life

even more exciting, we have just had the go ahead to launch my new super-scary, football-themed

book atĀ Rotherham’s New York Stadium. Rotherham United are struggling to win their matches in the Championship League at the moment, but they still have one of the most fantastic stadiums in the football league. I’m so thrilled they have agreed to invite the Rotherham schools to the launch of my new book on Thursday, March 3rd next year -WORLD BOOK DAY.

This book is my scariest book ever! Poor old Zak Freeman, from Scabbajack, is back again. This time to face the most frightening football player of all time…THE KRUSCHMEISTER.

Enough for now…I want to keep my fans in suspense until nearer the time. Watch this space, as they say…

We hope all of our fans will have a very happy half-term holiday and a Halloween filled with fun.

Pete with Jamie and Debbie making plans at the NYS

As I always say in schools during my visits, SCARY should be FUN! And don’t forget, keep on reading, especially later in the day, perhaps when it’s dark outside. Find a quiet corner, pick up one of my spooky books and get that imagination working. And don’t ever look back over your shoulder….just in case one of my scary characters is lurking behind you.


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