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Lots of Yr3 Molly Potraits at Northfield St Nicholas

Saxon heroes at Northfield St Nicholas!

Kath and I followed our fab time in South Wales with an equally fab time in deepest Norfolk/Suffolk  – the setting for one of my most successful books, ‘Bonebreaker’.

We started our week with a visit to a small school which boasts of being the most easterly primary school in the country – Corton Primary. Sure enough, we found this attractive little school located almost on the beach! We thoroughly enjoyed entertaining the 60 or so KS2 pupils with our spooky Mokee Joe presentation and signed lots of books the next day. And little did we know that our friend, Richard, of Renaissance Learning, was a grandparent of one of our new Corton fans. It was good to catch up with him and sign all five Mokee Joe books for his lovely granddaughter.

A second school visit found us in the very centre of one of my most favourite seaside towns…St Nicholas’ Priory Juniors in Great Yarmouth. This school was a little bit bigger with around 350 pupils, but the Mokee Joe presentation still went down a storm! As I always say – the bigger the audience the bigger the buzz! Brilliant! We loved our visit there and found all of the staff and pupils VERY welcoming! We’re already planning to return next year to perform our very appropriate ‘Bonebreaker’ presentation. The hero of the book, Billy Hardacre, even visits Great Yarmouth town centre in the story.

New books for the new library at St Margaret's

Two days followed in a school that has almost adopted us (and our son, Simon) – the wonderful Northfield St Nicholas School near Lowestoft. We’ve made a really good friend there…the librarian and excellent hostess, Ms Gulliver (Julie to us!). We worked very hard in this school, presenting and carrying out workshops with all eight classes. Hard work but VERY rewarding, as all of the pupils without exception, worked with us and made for a very enjoyable experience during our time there. Thank you so much to everyone. Hope you liked the flowers Ms Gulliver.

Final visit of the week was to a new school to us…St Margaret’s Primary, just down the road from Northfield St Nicholas. We opened the upgraded library there and signed a  few books. We only just managed to squeeze this visit in, but intend to return next year to perform a full presentation for the KS2 pupils. The lovely librarian, Lesley, looked after us…thank you and see you again soon!

Over the week we stayed at a wonderful location by Fritton Lake and I managed to sneak a bit of fishing in. Would you believe I caught loads of fish during the warm late summer weather. All in all…an amazing week. We are very lucky to visit so many brilliant schools in so many brilliant places. (I must stop saying ‘brilliant’!)

…Oh, by the way, they say Johnny Depp lives near to where we were staying and often pops into the local pub just up the road…but guess what…we never saw him!  It’s a pity, because I would have given him my autograph.


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