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Messrs Roys and Murray at Valley Gardens MS - Rotherham Pals!

We have one book-signing left to do up here in Alnwick and then it’s all over! Our North East tour comes to an end. Kath and I have mixed feelings of relief – that all eleven schools have gone so well -but sadness that the tour has come to an end. We have enjoyed it so much.

Without exception, every school has welcomed us like old friends, which we are, and all of the pupils and staff have treated us like royalty, which we’re not!

A MASSIVE ‘thank you’ to everyone, staff and pupils at each school we’ve visited over the last three weeks, and especially to all our hosts/hostesses for looking after us so well. As a teacher myself for a long time before becoming an author, I know what a busy time it is at this time of year and I appreciate how valuable the time is that everyone gave up for us. However, we know how much our fans, avid readers (and even reluctant readers) get from our visits – so everyone seems more than happy! But ‘thank you’ again, all the same.


We have a little more time during our last day here, so we’ve decided to take advantage of the unusually warm and settled June weather and hit the beach today at Alnmouth. Kath has packed a picnic and I’ve packed my swimmers. I can’t wait to run into the waves and thrash about in the warm waters of the North sea. Think I’m joking? Well, I might just have to get Kath to take a pic…oops…she already did!



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Hi-de-Hi from our home from home!

Can’t believe after all these years, Kath and I are back in a caravan camp, but life in a caravan is very different to how it used to be. To say we have all the mod-cons is an understatement! It’s almost five-star accommodation these days.

We love the location, right next to Druridge Bay, a beautiful expanse of beach and I’ve ran along it twice during the week already and it’s only Tuesday. Kath says I’m pushing myself too hard, but running along a shoreline in the sunshine is just such an exhilarating experience – I can’t resist it.

The schools this week have been the usual fab North East amazing standard. They seem to love us almost as much as we love them! Meadowdale Middle School and Valley Gardens Middle School provided wonderful audiences. Fantastic! We wondered if the high standards set by last week’s NE schools would continue – Gosforth Central, Gosforth East, Highfield Middle and Richard Coates Middle – but we need not have worried. We have so many fans already in these schools and our reputation seems to have spread down through the families from older brothers and sisters who have already seen us.

Who is the 'new' Mokee Joe at Gosforth Central?

…Oh, and thank you for all your e-mails…so many to reply to, but we love to hear from you.



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Pete with young fans in Harlem, New York

After returning early from our US trip (we got struck down with a virus), Kath and I are presently up in the Newcastle area. We’re staying in a great hotel near to Gosforth at the moment. Kath’s brother and his wife put us up initially in Ponteland whilst we visited the nearby Richard Coates MS; they were joined by Year 4 from the nearby Ponteland First School. We had a great time with over two hundred pupils presenting our Mokee Joe series of books.

The next day found us at Highfield Middle School in Prudhoe. This surely has to be one of the biggest and best schools in the country! Our good friend Mrs Smith used to be in charge of literacy, but she has now moved to Gosforth Central Middle School ( we’re there on Thursday). She is much-missed, but the school continues to thrive. As usual, I entertained a massive audience of over 400 pupils and Ms Nikki Johnson ensured we were hosted to the usual high standard set by Mrs Smith. All the staff at HMS are wonderful…as are the pupils. We can’t wait to be back on Friday to do a book-signing. Hope we’ve got enough books!

Wednesday found us at Gosforth East MS with another great friend, Ms Sue Lamberth. We know Sue from her initial post at Meadowdale MS (we’re there next week). Over 240 Year 5’s and 6’s provided a wonderfully enthusiastic audience. They loved the Mokee Joe story and joined in the 2-hour presentation with great gusto! Can’t wait to be back there tomorrow to sign books for them.

All in all, a great start to our extensive NE tour…w’ye aye Man!


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